custom wooden artworks and calligraphy sydney

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unique wooden artworks

Looking for something different for yourself or to gift to someone special? Check out our very own unique wooden artworks or present us with your idea, and we’ll turn it into reality! Whether it’s CNC or Laser cut, we have you covered.

Photo-Half Tuner

CNC technology that carves real images on wood without ink. Turn a small photo into a large wooden frame! Check out our CNC carving with a draft then go ahead and order your unique artwork and receive it as an antique item with priceless value.
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photo half tuner, WallArt,

Calligraphy& 3D raised engraving:

We design and engrave any type of wall art and calligraphy you may wish to décor your home with or to gift someone at special events like birthdays, weddings or graduation. We have many designs available, or simply give us your idea and we’ll design it for you.
Note: Hover over the images to interact and see more details!

Laser Cut Projects:

We do Laser cut and burn projects such as Names, shapes, birthday gifts, teacher gifts, special wedding invitation card, gift boxes, assembly projects and many more. Bring your own design or your idea and we can design it for you.All types of lasers cut projects on 3-6mm thick plywood, MDF and acrylic.

custom wooden artwork sydney

Our work

Custom artworks and wallart Sydney

Get in touch with us to get an idea of how we work, and the packages we can offer for your project.