Dynamic Space Kitchen

Dynamic Space Kitchens sydney

what is a dynamic space kitchen?

When designing any kitchen we focus on 5 basic activity zones that co-related each other and each one has its unique functionality and could be equipped with a range of applications for more comfort at use and luxury value.

dynamic space kitchen zones

zone 1 : Consumable Zone

Encompasses your refrigerator and shopping storage. Replace shelves with Pull out pantry units or rollout drawers and corner organizers to maximize space and de-cluttering. The convenience of the consumable zone makes everything easy to reach. There is a huge range of hardware to choose from that comes in different sizes in height and width as well as mechanisms.

zone 2 : non-Consumable Zone

Utensils that are used daily such as dishes, cups, cutlery etc. For your comfort have as many drawers as the kitchen size permits and furnish them from a variety of plate and cup organizer and décor utensils.

zone 3: Cleaning Zone

Sink, dishwasher and waste storage. Cleaning utensils should ideally be stored under the sink and there are two types of storage. Pullout drawer system: where dish soap; sponge and brush are always readily available to the right and left of the sink and the bin at the bottom Or install behind door sink pull out system and pull out drawer bin.

zone 4 : Preperation Zone

The main working area of the kitchen where kitchen utensils, electric appliances, spices, as well as many other items need to be close to the work area.

zone 5: cooking Zone

Arranged around the cook top and oven. This area is the place for cooking and baking ingredients, pots, cooking utensils and baking sheets.

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